Privacy Policy

The understands and respects your privacy. This privacy policy was created to clarify to readers the type of personal information we receive when you are reading our posts. This clarification will help you feel safe in Videos Cars, since allthe information here collected are exclusively in the direction of statistics, not getting any personal data stored in our database.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This may include a single popup or a link on various services that we provide, such as forums. Google makes use of the new DART cookie enables it to serve ads based on your interests and your visit to our blog and other web addresses.You can choose not to use the DART cookie by visiting the page of ads Google ad and the policing company program.

Personal Information:

  • The Videos Cars does not store any personal information of readers such as name, address or any other data that can identify him off the Web.
  • Videos Cars server automatically stores your IP address, Browser, Operating System,the language, the date and the URL used for navigation (this procedure is standardand all blogs and Internet sites do automatically for statistical purposes).


The Videos Cars does not use any data collected for commercial purposes. The datathat we collect automatically is used solely and exclusively for internal statistical purposes and, under any circumstances, are disclosed in public.

Questions and Clarifications

In case of any questions, or wish to remain a further clarification, please contact us via form by click here.



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