PERFECT SOUND of Formula 1 BOSS GP at Spa Classic – Formel 1 Formula One
BOSS GP boasts an attractive calendar for the upcoming season. The spectacular class with old but lightning-fast Formula 1 cars, Champcars, Indycars and World Series cars will visit seven circuits in different countries in Europe during seven race weekends in 2011, an here are some impressions of the Spa-Classic event.

van Kalmthout Marijn Benetton B197
Zwart Klaas Benetton B197
van Eerd Frits Tyrrell 026
Woodcock Michael Arrows A21
de Boer Henk Panoz DP01
Bourgois Philippe G-Force
Renstrup Jens Dallara
Gerstl Ingo Dallara
Antunes Tavares Carlos Dallara
Herndlhofer/Bernd Dallara Nissan
Becker/Karl-Heinz Dallara Nissan
DeBlandre/Alain Lola T8900
Gruber/Norbert Dallara Renault

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